The ripple effect: a matter of perspective

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How positive messaging ripples throughout an organization

Imagine you have hired a consultant to address your workforce issues, and they report back to  you that 20% of your workforce is spreading negative information about the organization to their co-workers.  You would realize that is a big problem, because one in five people is a lot of people on your workforce!

Now imagine the opposite: 20% of your workforce is actively sharing positive messages with their co-workers, talking about the good work being done and the value they bring to the organization.  What a powerful force for good.

Whether it’s sharing negative or positive messages, the ripple effect of either tone is incredibly powerful.

At Quillo, we now have between 20-60% of subscribers’ staff regularly using the app, sharing a positive message that will have that same ripple effect throughout the organization.  Keeping that ripple moving and growing is all part of building a culture that will make a significant difference. It takes time, consistency, and commitment to build a strong culture; unfortunately, strong culture can be torn down much more quickly.

In today’s world we live in a negative construct – the news is constantly focused on the negative.  We also know that 70% of our staff communication is based on problems and staff – managers and direct support professionals feel they only hear from supervisors when there is a problem.

Positive psychology tells us that we act the way we think: how we think is impacted by how we are treated, how we see the world, and how we give feedback to the world around us. Quillo is based on positive psychology and designed to be a powerful tool, one you can employ to build that powerful ripple effect, reaching one person after another.

To have a healthy work relationship, you need to have at least a 3-to-1 positive to negative communication ratio. What does that look like in practice? For every email or meeting about a problem or concern, you need at least three interactions to counteract that: a message of appreciation, a celebration of success, an unexpected note expressing gratitude to work together. Essentially, we need those 20% of the workplace sending positive messages to their colleagues and being part of your positive work culture.   

It won’t take long before 20% grows to 40% of your company…than 60% and so on.  At Quillo, we are committed to building a culture that values, engages, and supports all.

If you would like to learn more, give us a call and we can share how you can use Quillo to effectively build the culture you envision for your organization.  

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