Waiting for the microwave – and other opportunity moments

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Ever find yourself with a few minutes of waiting? Why not fill it with something positive.

I could have Quillo’ed.

How many times a day do you find yourself waiting for a minute? Perhaps it was in line at the coffee shop, holding for an elevator, or picking someone up from school. For me, today it was waiting for the microwave to heat up my lunch.  I took that minute – actually three – to watch Quillo’s top three videos that day. And I smiled at each one of them.

We are all too busy.  A recent report said 73% of Americans experience daily stress that affected them physically or mentally.  We all worry about taking on one more thing and have a lot on our plates.

Quillo gives you that break.  I tried it for a week – waiting for the microwave, standing in line waiting at the grocery store, sitting outside someone’s office for a meeting, and waiting for the coffee machine.  Just a few minutes, and each one brought a smile and a sense of calm.

There is great research that shows how much a simple smile changes you.  So the next time you find yourself waiting, let Quillo join you for those 60 seconds.

You will find something that makes your day just a bit better – every day.  

Quillo makes a difference in your day.  Take that minute just for you – you deserve it.  

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