Why My Doctor Looks Different During Covid-19: A Video Resource

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Going to the doctor is never fun.  And in today’s environment, it takes on new meaning.

A friend recently shared with me that he had to go to the hospital.  He asked me why his doctor looks different and everyone dressed like a spaceman.  Having been isolated in his home with roommates, no one had prepared him for the experience of seeing the doctor and nurses looking like “Spacemen.”  The already scary moment was made even worse because he was not feeling well.

Our team at Quillo thought we could do something to ease the fear and uncertainty if a trip to the hospital is needed right now and the doctor looks different. 

With the help of some very dedicated healthcare professionals, we created this short video, Why your doctor looks different during Covid-19 (By Quillo).  We are sharing this freely with you in the event it might be helpful for someone you know. In addition, we encourage you to share it with anyone who may find it beneficial to watch. Consider passing it along to providers, agency staff, families or people with disabilities.

We will follow this up with another video that has been requested, focusing on what it is like to be tested for Covid-19.  Some families shared that their loved one had to be sedated to do the test because the whole scenario, from the geared-up medical staff to the long swabs, was so overwhelming. They felt they were not prepared for it. 

This brings into sharp focus the importance of how we communicate in these challenging times, and especially how well we communicate with the people we support.  For instance, we may need to explain why the wonderful doctor looks different and is dressed like an astronaut. But they are still the very same incredible people who want to help them feel better!

A CEO from a Quillo subscriber shared with me that we need to have great patience and empathy with our staff, people we support and their families during this time. We need to find ways to show up for them and the people we support – even if we are “showing up” virtually or from a distance.

Patience and empathy with everyone is great advice.

Thanks for all you do during these trying times – we will make it through. Thanks to the thousands of dedicated people – including you – who show up every day.

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