Do you really make a difference for your team?

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Short answer: Yes! How 15 minutes a day can boost your impact

Do you really make a difference for your team? 

Ever wonder about that?  With days so very full, you know your work makes a difference – but how do you decide where to spend those precious minutes of your workday?  Sometimes we feel we don’t have a choice – the unexpected email, meeting after meeting, detailed procedures, and maybe even emergencies dictate what we do.   So, when you ask yourself, “Did I make a difference?” The answer to the question is of course, what we do makes a difference to our staff as well as the people with I/DD we support.

There are always outside forces that impact us, but it is how we choose to spend our time that is up to us. The first step is finding small blocks of time.  Then we act – being both aware and mindful of what we do is leading us to where we want to be. 

Finding time in an already overcommitted day.  

When you consider how important your workforce is, can you find 15 minutes a day to make that difference?  

I would suggest we all can find that fifteen minutes.  And no, I am not promising rock hard abs or losing weight or becoming rich in 15 minutes a day.  I am saying that you can control 15 minutes out of that hectic day to improve your organization’s culture as well as your workforce’s experience by taking small actions in just fifteen minutes a day over six months. 

How does it start? By being aware and mindful.  

Be aware of what is going on in the lives of your workforce and aware of what they are looking for from you. Perhaps it is a kind word, a few minutes of direct time with their supervisor, public recognition, something tangible, or just knowing you care by asking their opinion.  

Secondly, I encourage you to be mindful in how and what you communicate.  I often ask people if they are able to name your organization’s core values. Don’t cheat and look them up!  Now think of the last five messages your DSPs received from their supervisor.  How do the messages they receive align with your core values? How can you practice The Art of Showing Up?  

Spending fifteen minutes a day can make a difference for your team. Let’s connect to share more, including seven easy ways to get started. 

Fifteen minutes – give it a try. It will make a difference.

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