Navigating grief and loss

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Supporting you and others in your life as you manage grief

You may be familiar with Quillo as a space for positivity – uplifting messages, encouragement, and words of support. However, life is not always sunshine and daisies. Unfortunately the experience of grief is one that likely comes for each of us at some point or another. The past year-and-a-half is no exception with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and the experience of loss in new, challenging ways. 

It is also odd timing that in the very midst of writing this blog, the disability community and the world received word about the loss of Dave Hingsburger. He was an activist, advocate, and changemaker out of Canada, who passed away suddenly earlier this week. Read Remembering Dave Hingsburger by NADSP to learn more. Just as his impact was felt throughout his decades of advocacy, so too is the weight of his loss felt by his friends, family, loved ones, and the community at large that he impacted with his speaking, writing and activism. 

Grief is a difficult but necessary process and part of the human experience. Navigating it is complicated, frustrating, and misunderstood. With that in mind, we at Quillo created a video playlist tackling different parts of grieving. 

“Managing Grief for You and Others” Quillo video playlist.

Each contributor shares their experience, perspective, and advice for navigating grief. It would be ideal to hope that we may never need these. But sadly loss and grief are likely to come our way at one point or another.  If you, the people you support, or others in your life find yourself in a place of grief, we hope you remember that while it may feel lonely in that moment you are not alone. 

Whatever loss you may be grieving, as an individual or as a community, our sympathies. Rest in peace, Dave Hingsburger. 

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