“But I tell you ‘I love you’ on our anniversary!”

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Why once a year is not enough to share supportive messaging - and how Quillo can help

A friend shared with me that their partner of many years wanted to end the relationship and said, “You never tell me that you love me anymore.”  My friend’s response? “Of course I do! I tell you every year on our anniversary. You know I love you.” Obviously once a year was not enough.

How often do we tell those who are important to us how much we appreciate them? If once a year is not enough, how do we demonstrate that each day?

We are living through extraordinary times with pressures on nearly every front. Every business leader I speak with – no matter the business or industry – is struggling to hire enough people. All are looking to increase retention. As we focus on staff recruiting and retention, it is critical to figure out how show appreciation and build a sense of belonging in your organization.

What do I mean about belonging? Here are two meanings:

  1. First: Is this where I belong? Do I connect with the goals and mission of the organization? Am I doing something important, valued and noticed by those around me?
  2. Second:  What does it feel like to have a sense of belonging? I feel a part of something bigger than a job. I’m part of an organization that cares about me and one that makes me feel part of a community, not just part of a workforce.

Recently, I spoke with a young professional – the type of person any company would love to hire. She shared with me that while she worked for some wonderful organizations early in her career, she never felt that sense of belonging. Her company was over 200 coworkers, and she found little opportunity to connect. However in her latest role, she feels like she is part of something bigger. In this case, the company  uses technology to connect, welcome, and continually engage with the community.  Leaders need to practice the art of showing up.

With Quillo Pro you can do the same  

The personal video messages to your staff from you, your leadership, families and self advocates provide that sense of community.  It takes effort, but a few minutes a week can make a world of difference. Remember, once a year is not enough! Watch the video below from NADSP’s John Raffaele to hear how they are elevating the work of DSPs, all year round.

With so many pressures facing us, we make time for what is important.  Do not find yourself like my friend, losing something so important because they could not find time. 

Quillo is here to help! We are excited to introduce our newest team member: Cynthia Morraz, Director of Digital Community.  If you would like to hear more on building that sense of belonging, email her at [email protected]. Let’s  get started together.

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