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At Quillo, cyber security is one of our highest priorities. Our obligation to our customers to keep their information safe is something that I take seriously on a personal level. As the Chief Technology and Information Security Officer I strive to ensure that Quillo maintains a strong security posture on a daily basis. 


We are all aware of the cyber security threats out there. It’s rare to turn on the news without hearing about countries and corporations being attacked by these cyber threats. Unfortunately, cyber attacks aren’t going away anytime soon so it is important that we are vigilant and responsible on how we are building our application and handling data.



While it is of critical importance to make sure our infrastructure and application is secure, we also must ensure our employees are knowledgeable about current threats, and have the skillset to understand how we can securely use applications and information systems while we do our jobs 

Dedicated IT Security Staff

In fall of 2021 I was brought on as the CTISO with the main role of beefing Quillo’s cyber security. Through the hiring process it was made clear to me that Quillo’s management team considers IT security to be a top priority. Security and privacy have always been topics I have been passionate about, and I am happy and eager to bring my experience to the Quillo team.

Ongoing Security Audit

Throughout this year a third-party company will be conducting a security audit on our mobile and web applications, our internal processes and controls, and also conduct a penetration test. 


Computer security doesn’t have to be hard. You don’t need to be Neo from the Matrix to keep yourself safe. Below are just a few quick and easy tasks you can do regularly to make sure that your phone and computer are secure and your information is safe.


    • Ensure your applications are up to date with the latest versions as they are released.
    • Keep your devices up to date. Are you seeing a trend? Companies regularly release security patches Windows, iOS/Android, MacOS, etc. Sometimes these are fixes for very dangerous vulnerabilities.
    • Be mindful of what you click on, download, and especially open. 
    • Heed browser warnings. Modern browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox have built in security features to keep you safe during your web surfing expeditions. 
    • If something doesn’t look or sound right, it probably isn’t right. Go with your gut! Does a link look strange? Not expecting a text about your package from amazon and there is a strange link? 
  • Don’t use the same password for everything. Websites are regularly being hacked and database information leaked. This data could contain usernames and passwords used on the website. If you are using the same password for everything, a hacker might attempt to login to your bank or email accounts with a password they found on these leaks. Password managers such as Lastpass and Bitwarden are great in helping create secure passwords for you and storing them in a way that is easy to access. Websites like http://www.haveibeenpwned.com are great resources to see if your email addresses have been compromised.



In the coming weeks we will be introducing a new cyber security training series on the Quillo app. These videos will cover topics such as web browsing and basic computer safety, password management, avoiding scams, and much more. 


The goal here will be to demonstrate simple steps that you can take to make your cyber life more enjoyable and secure. These short videos will be a mix of informational and hands-on tutorials where I will walk you the processes through step-by-step. 

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