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At Quillo, we believe everybody has a story. Using videos can open up new opportunities for individuals to share, create, and take in messages. Think creatively about what and how you capture these messages. If your organization, team, or group is thinking about using video to share key messages, consider the following!

It can be more than talking into a camera

Whether you’re using a camcorder or the camera on your phone or computer, recording a video message doesn’t always have to be sitting down and talking to a lens.  Meet people where they are at when it comes to comfort being on camera as well as how they like to communicate. 

  • Perhaps you want to read a story or poem out loud, but you don’t want to be on camera. Use a voiceover with photographs or images that help tell the story. 
  • Maybe you’re nonverbal or want to share something through art, paint, or another visual media. 
  • Camera shy or not sure what to talk about? Maybe you have a mug with an inspirational quote on it or the page of a calendar that you can focus the camera on while you talk.

Consider whose stories you are centering

There are times when the message needs to come from organizational leadership, whether it is sharing good news, explaining a change, or addressing difficult topics. In between these moments, are there opportunities to hear from folks who haven’t been featured before? You may have go-to people who do a great job, but are there others who want to share their ideas? Consider the following:

  • Are your videos representative of the people you serve? Are people with disabilities provided the chance to share their first-hand experiences? Is there racial and gender diversity that is missing in your communication?
  • Maybe there are individuals who speak another language or are nonverbal – how can their stories be represented? 
  • Is there a department or team that may not be in the spotlight often? Maybe there is someone there eager to try something new or creative.

As Quillo’s Chief Content Officer, my role is to help find, capture, create, and share these stories. If you want to think through the impact storytelling can have on getting your message out in a variety of ways, let’s chat! Contact Rebecca ([email protected]) – I’m eager to hear YOUR story!

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