What Makes For Good Content?

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The Simple answer is EVERYTHING!

Creating videos is a major part of what we do here at Quillo. Being the Quillo video producer, I live in content. I spend my days viewing the world as possible content, and more importantly, what makes for GOOD content. But why do I do what I do?

As a former DSP, I often think back on how these videos would have been so helpful when I was working. How a simple 60-second video could have saved me on the really hard days when I wanted to give up. How hearing from my supervisor on all the positive things we were doing could have brightened my day.

Walk a Mile in Their Shoes…Mentally

Whenever I get together with my Quillo teammates to create new videos, I like to think back to those times and to have the end viewer in mind. I want to get into their shoes and think about how it our content will make them feel. What would they want to see? Will this video make them smile? How could this video help them?

As a rule of thumb, we often try to have our videos end in an upbeat way. Make them smile at the end. Ask a question to get people thinking. Leave them with a possible action step. Help pave the way for a better tomorrow. The goal of all content should always be to get your audience thinking, acting, or moving in response to your content.

Need Some Help? We are Always Here!

Content doesn’t have to be difficult. Try taking a walk to see what inspires you. Get together with your team and create videos that matter. And if ever you find yourself stuck and not sure where to take your content, feel free to reach out to Rebecca and me. We would be more than happy to get the creativity flowing!

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