The Arc of LaGrange County – Chief Transformation Officer


Quillo is pleased to be helping The Arc of LaGrange County recruit for two key positions. Below is a  job description with detailed responsibilities.

To submit a resume please email to [email protected].

We will begin interviews August 10, 2022 and look forward to hearing from you.

POSITION TITLE: Chief Transformation Officer

REPORTS TO: Chief Executive Officer

SALARY RANGE: $70,000 – $80,000

A Bachelor’s degree in rehabilitation, education, business, psychology, social work or closely related field.  Master’s Degree preferred. Minimum of 5 years’ experience supporting programs for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and a minimum of 5 years’ experience of progressive supervisory responsibility.  Experience in upper level management and/or non—profit management preferred. 

Proficient in all Microsoft office applications and Google applications.

Must possess a valid driver’s license with a driving record that will not preclude insurance coverage by the agency’s carrier and have reliable transportation.

The Chief Transformation Officer (CTO) with The Arc of LaGrange County is a key leadership position responsible to drive positive growth and change within this organization and its community. Life by Design started in September of 2021 as a grant opportunity led by Debra Seman, CEO to help transform services and supports for individuals with disabilities and their families living in the community.  Life by Design was funded by the AWS Foundation and is a watershed moment that will have long-lasting positive impact on the day-to-day lives of individuals with disabilities, their families, staff and the community at large.

The primary role of the CTO is to drive positive growth and change within The Arc of LaGrange County and its community.  This position will oversee the implementation of Life by Design and meet the various timelines/goals associated with the project.   This position is meant to see the whole picture and consider people, data, and infrastructure to help move the organization towards its ultimate goal of improving services and supports for individuals with disabilities.  While the CTO must drive momentum, this role shall also anticipate potential challenges along the way.

The CTO will supervise the Director of Training.  Training is an important component of Life by Design.  A comprehensive training curriculum will need to be developed and implemented for employees, families, people with I/DD and the community.  

The Arc of LaGrange County has demonstrated a true commitment to not only put forth a culture focused on supporting individuals with disabilities in how they want to live their life, but a concerted effort to reinvent their service offerings both from a business aspect and community integration perspective.  The CTO will use Life by Design as the roadmap and will bring renewed energy, growth and collaboration to help make this a reality. 


  1. Plan, implement and evaluate the Life by Design project and meet the goals established in the business plan proforma.
  2. Coordinate outreach to all target populations, including but not limited to: individuals with disabilities, their families, staff and the community to engage and enlist their support of/in the transformation.
  3. Understand the transformation project, Life by Design, and be able to see the whole picture and consider people data and infrastructure impact.
  4. Create shared ownership for the transformation project across senior leadership and middle management.  This includes helping teams and their managers determine what they need to learn and how ways of operative may need to evolve.  In addition, this position will help ensure the new processes and behaviors become established practice.
  5. Develop communication strategies and interpersonal opportunities to assist individuals or groups of individuals that may work against the change. 
  6. Maintain momentum, dialogue, and energy around the transformation, including adhering to timelines and holding people accountable.
  7. Identify strategies to reinforce the new behaviors and practices (e.g.HR processes, staff recognition, ways to make the new more rewarding, etc.)
  8. Manage the expenses of the grant and redirection of existing spending with the Chief Financial Officer based on the proforma.
  9. Prepare all necessary reports and updates to stakeholders, including the AWS Foundation, with the Chief Executive Officer’s input and final approval.
  10. Participate in the development, implementation and monitoring of the agency’s Strategic Plan.
  11. Provide ongoing support to the Chief Executive Officer and manage the process to achieve success for the organization as well as individuals with disabilities and their families. 
  12. Must be able to drive vehicles to transport equipment to/from locations.
  13. Able to walk, stoop, bend, reach, push and pull, kneel and climb throughout the day.
  14. Knows, upholds and supports the policies, procedures, and philosophy of The Arc of LaGrange County and performs other duties as assigned.

Exposure to blood borne pathogens classification. Class II

The Chief Transformation Officer is a professional and serves as a role model for all individuals who they encounter.  As you represent The Arc of LaGrange County in the community it is important that you dress and conduct yourself in a manner as to make a favorable impression on all the people you may come in contact with in the course of your duties.   

Routinely the hours are 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.  However, flexibility is required in this position, as you may be called upon to assist with training events or meet with others after normal business hours.


  1. Demonstrates knowledge of developmental disabilities, the various services available, and the principles of person-centered planning and positive behavioral supports.
  2. Understands and shares a philosophy that conveys the values embraced with the transformation plan.
  3. Possess an exceptional level of leadership and professionalism and demonstrates ability to provide innovative and comprehensive services to persons with developmental disabilities. 
  4. Research and develop new programs/services/products.
  5. Well-rounded individual that is able to balance the organizations past and help with the change management for the significant transformations.
  6. Ability to navigate a largescale change and assess the resources and capabilities of the organization.  This will also involve identifying gaps and proposing solutions to solve them.
  7. Lead by example:  need to be willing to dig in and also do the work in order to motivate people to be an active part of the team and change.  This includes maintaining a positive attitude, being resilient in the face of challenges, showing grace when accepting feedback. 
  8. Open minded—willing to embrace change that benefits the individuals served by the organization.
  9. Exceptional organizational skills, time management skills, and detail orientation required. 
  10. Ability to establish/maintain accurate data collection for program statistics and billing and to organize and monitor a complex system of program documentation.
  11. Has experience developing and implementing training programs with special attention to system change and measuring results. 
  12. Exceptional communication skills (oral and written) required. Utilizes person-first language in written and verbal communications. Ability to actively listen, build trust and adapt communication style and tactics to fit the audience. Maintains open and honest communication while performing duties. 
  13. Model appropriate behavior in interactions with individuals with disabilities, staff families, community resources and other audiences/customers. 
  14. Maintain minutes and records of all meetings as well as maintaining the documentation of the “stories” of changes being made throughout the process of transformation, including copies of all publicity.  (Being sure to always acknowledge the AWS Foundation for their support of this incredible transformation process)
  15. Maintain all appropriate information in a confidential and professional manner, and in accordance with regulatory guidelines. 
  16. Community Engagement:  Actively nurturing a network of organizations, businesses, and people that shares our commitment to the people we support and effectively leverages our services for maximum impact. Soliciting their support in opening doors for the people we support to fulfill their dreams. 
  17. Ensures development of relationships with community agencies/schools pertinent to Life by Design for individuals served.
  18. Ensures seamless transition for new referrals from intake into desired services, promoting individual choice and growth. Facilitating expansion of service areas where needed.
  19. Assures that Person-Centered Individualized Support Plans are developed in a manner that promotes the individual and family involvement and maximizes community integration. Support, instruction, and advocacy is provided to individuals with I/DD in a manner that recognizes each person’s uniqueness, worth and right to self-determination. 
  20. Oversee the delivery of services to ensure that services that are provided are meaningful, empowering, of high quality, are those that are desired by the person served, and are consistent with supporting the individual to meet his/her life goals. 
  21. Monitor satisfaction of persons served and their families, and address issues in a timely manner.  Include any satisfaction issues and their proposed resolution in reporting. 
  22. Manage difficult or emotional customer situations, respond promptly to customer situations, respond promptly to customer needs, solicit customer feedback to improve services, and meet commitments.
  23. Provides leadership to teams, demonstrating knowledge of all aspects of service provision and compliance of regulatory standards including ISO, CQL, Department of Education, State Board of Health, Bureau of Quality Improvement, and Medicaid.  
  24. Experience with a wide variety of technology
  25. Cultural sensitivity and awareness of how to adapt to the target populations. 
  26. Exceptional ability to work both independently with minimal supervision and collaboratively in team settings. 
  27. Evaluate and establish goals for staff under your supervision no later than May 10th of each year. 

This job operates in a professional work environment routinely using standard office equipment such as computers, Microsoft Suite, Google, databases, phones, photocopiers, Teams, Zoom, and other communications platforms and AV equipment.  The job requires some travel to locations in LaGrange County and occasional travel to meetings or training outside of the County/State.

While performing the duties of this job, the employee is occasionally exposed to moving mechanical parts, fumes or airborne particles.  The noise level in the work environment is usually quiet to moderate.

The employee must have the ability to lift/move materials weighing up to 50 lbs. periodically.

Must maintain CPR and First Aid certification and must stay current on all other training as defined by state, accreditation body or organization guidelines.

Positive relations to the general public, to all individuals and families needing services, to the community leaders, business leaders, and to other Arc of LaGrange County staff.  The Chief Transformation Officer will work under the direct supervision of the Chief Executive Officer who may add or elaborate on the above if deemed necessary.  

Tasks or procedures which present an occupational exposure may include:

*Assisting with CPR
*Routine First Aid
*Assisting with toileting
*Assisting with personal hygiene
*Cleaning up incidences of body fluids
*Routine Household Maintenance

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