17 Ways to Excite, Ignite, and Inspire your New Hires  


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One of the great opportunities we have as we seek to build a strong relationship with staff is during new employee orientation.  First impressions matter, and in addition to getting to know your new hires, it is their chance to get to know you, too! 

The first step is taking an honest look at your orientation schedule.  How much time do you have? What is the schedule, and what picture are you presenting about the priorities of your organization?  Plan carefully and find the balance between covering topics because of regulations and finding space to discuss the values and mission of your organization. 

How long is your orientation?  Some organizations start with one day and then continue the rest on the job; others have a full week of orientation with their new cohort.  Where do you fit on the timeline? Ask the question, “Is this just the way we have always done it, or is there a better way?” 

As you put together your orientation, this document shares suggestions we have gleaned from organizations around the country.

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