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Get a head start on video content with these video templates

Quillo is always looking for tools and resources to help customers make video content that is user-friendly, low-cost, and fun!

Canva is free online software for making videos, presentations, images, and more (with subscriptions possible for added bells and whistles).  Their “Presentation” mode offers users an option to build slides that can export as an mP4 – the same format required for Quillo content.

To help you get started on content, Quillo has developed templates through Canva. Click the links below to get started, with personalized videos just a click away. Add photos from your organization, change names, and use quotes from your colleagues to personalize it – but the structure is already done! Hopefully it’s a quick way to get ahead with some new content.

Have a video topic in mind and looking for a template to help you get started? Contact [email protected] to share your idea. We’re always happy to help.

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