Quillo’s Guide to Video Editing Tools, Resources, and Tips


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Are you looking for new ways to create Quillo videos? Maybe you are new to video editing or want to try a new approach to share content on Quillo. While Quillo is not officially endorsing any of these products, this list includes suggestions from the Quillo User Group of programs and resources that have worked for them. We will continue to add to this. Other suggestions are welcome!

Additionally, YouTube Tutorials have been added in the NOTES column for most products. Please note, Quillo has not previewed every minute of all of these and is not endorsing any particular video. Feel free to search YouTube for other tutorials that may be more helpful – consider adding them to this document for others to try!

Please note, cost estimates are from July 2018. The final cost may change if you are subscribing for a monthly or annual subscription. Please look closely at the website to determine what is best for you.

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