Retention, YOUtilization, and YOU! (2021)


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This article introduces two Quillo tools to help your team think through your retention strategy.

Introducing the Quillo Retention Wheel and YOUtilization Curve.

With the Retention Wheel, we explore how habits, time, processes, and relationships impact retention. Can you commit 15 minutes a day to focus on one of these areas?

The YOUtilization Curve puts an emphasis on how Quillo can help support your team with communication, relationships, and ultimately, retention. The Quillo app is about more than the number of views, so we are shifting from the focus from “utilization” to YOUtilization.

After reading this article, check out The YOUtilization Curve: An At-a-Glance Worksheet to help you and your team think through your retention strategy.

Updated June 2021.

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