Tips for Creating Quillo Videos


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Tips for Creating Your Own Videos

  • Write down the key themes and messages you would like to communicate to direct support professionals (DSP) and managers; tell stories that help support the message
  • 60 seconds goes quickly so if it makes you more comfortable, type out your message. Basically, 60 sec. is a 1 page, double spaced, 18-point font type.
  • Practice what you want to say by verbally saying it: try saying it out loud in front of a mirror and watch your facial expressions. Or use your phone and video tape yourself (nothing like seeing yourself deliver the message!)
  • Be sincere, relaxed and talk slowly. It’s okay to smile and be expressive!
  • Be aware of the volume on your device and that you will be heard. Is there any background noise that might be distracting?
  • End the message on an upbeat statement about the topic to inspire DSPs
  • Wear comfortable clothes (solid colors and smaller prints work best)
  • Use a tripod or item to prop up your phone. Set the phone up sideways (horizontally).
  • What’s in the background? Think about a place that does not have a distracting or busy background.
  • Video files can be either MP4 format (common with Android smart phones and PCs) or MOV format (common with iPhone and Mac computers). They should also be less than 500MB per video, but that shouldn’t be an issue with a short video.
  • Record a couple of times or until you feel good about the message. Quillo can do small edits to get it down to the right time, so don’t worry if your video includes you reaching out to start or stop your phone recorder.
  • Have fun and be the star of the show!

Remember, 60 seconds goes by quickly!

Sending Your Videos

When you are ready to send your videos, I suggest using WeTransfer to send them.

  • If you want to send it through your COMPUTER, connect your phone and go to from a web browser on your computer. Enter your email for the FROM line and my email ([email protected]) for TO. For the files, you can drag and drop them from a folder OR click the plus sign and find the videos in the folder window. When you hit “transfer,” it will likely take a few minutes for the videos to send. You can send up to 2GB for free at one time.
  • If you are sending right from your phone, I would suggest downloading WeTransfer as an app from the PlayStore. It is also free, and you can select the files right from the screen. Click the files you want to send, click “next” in the upper right hand corner, and then enter my email address.
  • Each video will be accompanied by a written blurb. If you have links, resources, or email addresses you would like as part of that summary, we can work on that by email.

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