Tips for Increasing Quillo Engagement


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Getting Staff to Signup

“Hey, have you seen Quillo yet?” Use a buddy system and ask current staff who are logged on to help 1-2 colleagues become a new user.

10:10! Set a time for everyone to get on a conference call, have a staff meeting, or sign up on their own.

Create an incentive! “If 75% of people sign-up by May 15….”

Bring a story day. Who has a story to share? Sign-up when they bring it.

Sign-Up Sessions. If users are in different settings, schedule a Quillo sign-up time with a manager at that location. The manager can show some videos and walk staff through the sign-up process. If in person is not an option, set aside and advertise an hour of time when staff can call or stop by.

Host a “60-second Videos Film Fest.”  Have popcorn, snacks, and a projector to share favorite videos from the portal. Include a “commercial” to get people signed up! Encourage attendance by raffling off 2 tickets to the local movie theater. Staff can take a person they support (Share Experiences) or their friends/family (Take a Moment).

Potty Talk. Post flyers in the restroom or other key areas where staff will see and read about what it is and how to get started


Encouraging Usage

Make Quillo a verb. Get some buzz started around the agency to raise awareness and to highlight how quick and easy watching a video can be. “Where do you Quillo?” “I Quillo while I’m on the bus.” “I Quillo while waiting for others.”  “I Quillo when I am on break.”

Have fun with it! Make a video where something is hidden (agency mascot, Quillo sticker, stuffed animal) in the background. “Did you see that green troll doll hiding over Maria’s shoulder?” “I saw it on the counter!” The first staff member who shares “Where’s the troll?” gets to keep it for the week and pass it along to the next person.

Showcase your community. Feature an on-going series of a self-advocate or staff member going on adventures or working in the community. Create a catchy title: “Where’s Dave today?” “A day in the life of Melody.”

Empower DSPs to be the star of the show. Encourage DSPs to create simple selfie videos to share their best tips for each category.

Create special notifications. Use a funny or intriguing title that shows up in the text and email notification.

Catch someone doing something extraordinary. Showcase or feature people who are bringing joy to others and capture it on video.


Going Further: Thinking About the Big Picture

Consider an informal survey: why ARE people on the app? Why NOT? Is it time, data usage, video content not relevant, etc.? Share this with management, with Quillo, and with the Quillo Nation so we can learn and determine best practices.

Share why the agency subscribed to Quillo: balance, well-being, culture, because staff matter, etc. Have fun with it and be engaging, but also communicate that at the root of it is, “Let’s get serious for a minute. Why are we doing this?” Make sure the tone is less “Great, one more thing for my to-do list” and more “Wow, the agency is really interested in me as a person!”

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