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What staff are saying about their Quillo experience - and what it could mean for you

In September, people shared their thoughts with us in totally unscripted moments. We captured why they use Quillo and what they appreciate about their organization providing it to them. These quotes from our Quillo users are just a few perspectives of what using Quillo means to them, personally and professionally.  

“I’d like to work with the organization for another 50 years because I feel inspired. I feel they care about their employees providing these tools (Quillo).” (Mike, Coach)

“I think that it’s nice to have that brief one-minute jolt of information, encouragement, or something interesting.” (Maria, DSP & Parent)

“Quillo has helped me to become motivated. I like topics that focus on ways to help educate us, and I like the Quillo of the Day.” (Patrice, Program Coordinator) 

Our goal at Quillo is to build Better Relationships, Better Lives.  This is a trying time for all of us as we face all kinds of loss. Staff deal with so much in their own lives, and of course the people they support and their communities are affected, too. Service systems are struggling to respond to these changes, and yet through it all people continue to show up. 

Quillo is a powerful tool to reinforce, support and encourage people. And it works.

People enjoy hearing from their organization’s leadership, seeing the people they support smile and grow. With Quillo, share messages of encouragement as well as the simple joys of getting through this time together.

It is said you should never underestimate the power of kindness and caring.  That is perhaps truer today than ever before. 

So find 15 minutes today to share that kindness. Use Quillo to magnify that message to all of your staff today, tomorrow and every day. It will make a difference.

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