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Simple, Inspriational, Repeated - Focus on One Big Idea This Year and Gain Clarity for your entire Workforce


One big idea – simple, inspirational, and repeated – can change your world; One idea that everyone from the very top of your organization to the people you serve all understand. Today, it is that one big idea that is often sorely missed in our cluttered world of communication, social media, and organizational challenges. Quickly ask yourself, how many top prioirties do you have for 2022? If you can list more than one, you’re misusing the word priority

Is your Workforce on the same page?

If you and your management team were asked to name the top priority in your strategic plan, how would it go? Don’t take time to look it up, just name the top priority off the top of your head… How many would get it right? Some would, but I’d guess not everyone. Even though your leadership team was instrumental in choosing this top priority they probably have to decipher what is goal #1 from a pool of ever-changing goals. This is not a criticism of anyone, but a look at the reality of how chaotic life has become for most. 2022 is the time to focus your workforce.

And if they struggle to remember it, how on earth can people on the frontlines remember –  much less embrace – that goal?  Again this is not a criticism, but a reality of our employees’ world and the pressures they face.

Stay Focused and Keep it Simple

People will respond to a simple idea that is inspirational and repeated in many ways from different voices. It is not hearing it once, but over and over in different ways. Include examples, success stories that relate to the ONE BIG IDEA, and feedback from everyone. Adults have to hear a message multiple times before they understand and embrace it. Repeated focus on ONE BIG IDEA works. 

Quillo Platforms Will Help Focus your Workforce

We at Quillo believe 2022 is the year that is prime for your ONE BIG IDEA. The one simple, inspirational, and repeated message that will help guide your organization. We cannot tell you what your ONE BIG IDEA is – that is up to you. But we can give you powerful tools that will help you take that ONE BIG IDEA and broadcast to your entire organization so when you ask that question six months from now everyone in your workforce will know and understand.  

We are excited about 2022 and what will happen with your ONE BIG IDEA.  Let’s talk soon, reach me anytime – [email protected]

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